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Spaniel and Labrador led together with a natural treat

Who are we?

100% Natural treats for your dogs

Our story started in 2018 when we got our first dog Rowan, a Sprocker Spaniel (Springer x Cocker).  At the time we didn't know too much about dog nutrition/healthcare but after a number of tummy bugs we decided to try feeding Rowan raw food.  This highlighted an allergy to chicken (which is in so many commercial dog foods and treats), this prompted us to look closer at what is used within dog foods and we came across natural treats. 

Fast forward 3 years and we have well and truly fallen into the rabbit hole of dog nutrition! We absolutely love doing research and trying to find ways of ensuring that all of our pets are able to live their lives as happily and as healthily as possible.  Everyday is a school day!

In 2019 we brought home a little brother for Rowan, another Sprocker Spaniel named Archie.  Archie was full of mischief but you couldn’t help but love that about him.  Unfortunately for Archie at only 1 years old he began to suffer from a number of joint problems and we began to delve into the realms of natural healthcare/nutrition to find out how we could further help him. This offered Archie so much support and he was much happier and able to enjoy being the crazy little dog he was.  
 Unfortunately in May 2022 Archie crossed the rainbow bridge.

We now have little Maple who is a Labrador puppy and she has been on the best diet possible since we brought her home at 8 weeks old. Rowan and Maple are like 2 peas in a pod and are our Chief Taste Testers ensuring all our treats are pawsome!

Due to our experiences, we have learned that just like humans dogs need a wholesome and nutritious diet in order to live their best lives.  What better way to help them do this by helping dog owners across the UK source the best quality, tasty treats/chews and supplements? 

Nature's Pets was born.

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