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Our poop bags are specially designed for dog and cat owners to make the stinky job easier and Mother Earth happier. They are 100% NATURALLY BIODEGRADABLE and HOME COMPOSTABLE making then the real eco-friendly option for responsible poop pickers.

Made from corn and sugar starch blend (by-product), they have been TUV and EN 13432 tested and certified to degrade in the UK climate within 3-6 months into entirely natural elements... NO MICROPLASTICS = ZERO WASTE (Yay!)

The Green Poop Bag was developed by a group of pet owners, who found out what fellow pet owners require! So by taking the most desirable poop bag specs, we created our own bespoke poop bag - the best bag ever - guaranteed! :)

100% Compostable poop bags

PriceFrom £1.40
    • 100% Biodegradable & Home Compostable 
    • EU Certified EN 13432 and TUV approved
    • Made with sugar and corn starch blend
    • Box and cores made of cardboard
    • Strong -18 microns thick
    • Easy to remove stickers
    • Versatile size 9'' x 13 '' 
    • (inc. gussets and handles)
    • Dark & opaque with camo print 
    • Rolls fit all standard dispensers  
    • Easy tie and carry handles
    • 15 bags per roll
    • Unscented
    • NEW comes in innovative 2in1 ECOBOX
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