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As we are getting ever closer to firework season we have been thinking about the dogs who don't ejoy those loud bangs.


Chewing releases endorphins in the brain which have a calming effect and may help to distract dogs.  Combined with Dorwest Valerian Compound which gets to work in as little as half an hour we hope this box will help your pooch feel braver around the fireworks this year. 



  • 30ml Valerian Compound
  • Venison Skin
  • Pizzle
  • Buffalo Tail
  • Braided Headskin
  • Pigs ear
  • Moon Bone
  • Lamb Headskin


As with all of our mixed boxes please let us know if your pet has any allergies and we will do our very best to accomodate them. 


Please ensure pets are supervised when eating their natural treats, and a fresh supply of drinking water is always available.

Chill Out Treat Box

SKU: NPL0091
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