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100% natural goodness, cut into small Cubes and then gently air-dried…That’s it, nothing added whatsoever!


Absolutely brilliant for training treats dogs love them and you could keep them in your pocket.


A crunchy, tasty small treat for your dog to enjoy. Suitable for puppies and adults and extra special for training and behaviour.


Air dried to lock in all the moisture and nutrients. Perfect for all dog sizes – these meaty treats contain no additives, flavours or fillers! They are naturally grain-free.



It's not just dogs that love these cubes either, cats love them too!



PriceFrom £4.00
  • Chicken: 100% Chicken

    Duck: 100% Duck

    Venison: 100% Venison



  • Chicken:

    Protein 70.9%, Fat 3.3%, Fibre 3.3%, Ash 2.2%, Moisture 14.7%


    Protein 40.8%, Fat 25.5%, Moisture 6.7%, Ash 1.68%


    Protein 76.8% Oils & Fats 9.4% Raw Ash 5.1% Moisture 4.2%

    Wild Boar:

    Protein 59.8%, Fat 12.1%, Fibre 1.68% Ash 9.6%


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