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This  natural blend of Ingredients supports Intestinal hygiene, without altering the natural gut flora, and is well tolerated by the most sensitive of pets.

Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Poultry

Adult dogs 0.8ml two consecutive days a month

Puppies under 8 weeks,Cats and Rabbits half rate0.4ml

Kittens and Poultry  0.2ml


One 50ml bottle will last 12 months or more for 1-2 Adult dog. From 3 weeks old, add to food or directly into mouth.

Can be used daily for 7-10 days if pets already affected.


Ingredients- Aqueous Hibiscus, Gentian, Cayenne, Ginger root, Cloves, Echinacea, natural salts, and Apple cider vinegar

Homeopathic content-  Filis-mas 12x, Cina 12x, Ferrum-met 12x, Sulpher 30, Abrotanium 12x, Teucrium-mar 12x

Four Seasons

PriceFrom £11.50
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