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Natural support for your pet-for day to day health, immunity, skin or joints


Garlic and fenugreek are both known for their beneficial health properties;garlic provides supportive, soothing and cleansing effects, as well as helping to maintain the body’s defences against parasites and infectious agents.While fenugreek contains soothing and antioxidant compounds to neutralisefree radicals.

The beneficial effects are seen across multiple body systems, including the skin, joints and immune system:

General health–helps keep your pet in top condition

Immunity-supports the immune system

Skin-supports skin turnover and function

Joints-helps to maintain comfort and mobility


Both Garlic and Fenugreek herbs are known to help develop a strong immune system via a variety of different mechanisms, and when combined,these two superherbs complement each other boosting their overall effects to help keep your dog in top condition at every life stage


Active ingredients: Fenugreek seeds 16mg; 30ml ofblack aged garlic extract

Garlic & Fenugreek

SKU: NPL0134
  • Initial 3 weeks: 2 tablets per 10 kgs bodyweight daily.

    Maintenance: 1 tablet per10 kgs bodyweight daily.

    Amount can be doubled if required.May be crushed for easy administration

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