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Premium colostrum is a supplement for dogs and cats made from 100% pure colostrum.

Colostrum is a mammal's first milk, produced within a 72-hour window after giving birth. Colostrum can be used to support immunity, appetite and reduce stress in both young and mature pets. It can also support the gastrointestinal tract.


Benefits of our Colostrum:

✔ Supports a stable immune system

✔ Supports growth and development

✔ Rich in vitamins and essential amino acids

✔ Ideal for juveniles (especially weaker juveniles), young and older animals

✔ Creates harmony in situations of mental and physical stress

✔ Supports appetite and general well-being


How does Premium Colostrum work?

The main components contained in colostrum can be subdivided into immune factors (antibodies) and growth factors, differing from regular milk. Immune factors lead to a stable immune system, while growth factors favour the growth and development of the offspring.


Recent research has shown that colostrum is valuable in helping balance the vitals, primarily serving to naturally regulate the immune system. The natural composition ensures problem-free digestion and optimum utilisation in cats and dogs. It is filled with essential vitamins, essential and non-essential amino acids, as well as indispensable immune regulators, such as Lactoferrin and PRP (proline-rich polypeptides).


Our premium colostrum has a high level of acceptance and has been developed in cooperation between animal health practitioners, nutrition experts and veterinarians.


Premium Colostrum Powder

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