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Spread it. Slice it. Cube it. 


Our pate is the newest addition to our product range and is an ideal training treat.


The unique texture makes our pate perfect for chopping into bite size pieces for training or for spreading or squashing into enrichment toys such as LickiMats or Kongs!


Made in Britain, our pate is single protein and made of 100% pure meat. Available in 4 flavours meaning it is great for dogs with allergies!


Store in a cool, dry place but once opened make sure to keep your pate refrigerated; it will last up to 3 days in the fridge, but to make sure you get the most out of your new favourite training treat, portion it up and pop it in the freezer until you’re in need of more treats again.


Each tube of pate weighs approximately 200g.

Pure Pate 200g

  • Salmon: 

    Crude Protein 18.8%, Fat 12.4%, Ash 2.3%, Moisture 68.4%


    Protein 31%, Fat 8.9%, Moisture 57.36, Ash 1%


    Protein 19%, Fat 8.8%, Moisture 65.5, Ash 4.5%


    Crude Protein 22%, Fat 10.1%, Ash 5.6%, Moisture 61.7%


    Crude Protein 18.4%, Crude Fat 12.5%, Moisture 55.4%, Crude ash 3.6%, Crude Fibre 10.2%

  • Salmon Pate: 100% Salmon

    Turkey Pate: 100% Turkey

    Rabbit Pate: 100% Rabbit

    Venison Pate: 100% Venison

    Christmas Pate: Turkey 95%, sweet potato, cranberry

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