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Organic Spirulina Platensis Algae Powder for dogs and cats provides your pet with many of the essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins they need for a healthy life. Particularly rich in natural chlorophyll and protein, Organic Spirulina Powder is a valuable product for the daily care of your four-legged friend.


Benefits of Organic Spirulina Powder:

 Provides over 2,000 vital nutrients including essential vitamins, trace elements and minerals

✔ Natural chlorophyll supports your pet's immune system

 Optimum natural supplement

✔ Promotes the metabolic processes

✔ Unique food plant

Spirulina for Dogs and Cats

  • Spirulina powder* (62.2% protein, 1.2% chlorophyll)

    (*from organic farming)

  • Crude protein 62.2%, Crude fat 5.7%, Crude fiber 2.3%, Crude ash 6.7%

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