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The King of all boxes is our newest limited edition box especially to help our pooches celebrate the coronation of King CharlesIII. 


This our biggest box we have launched to date and wow is it big!


Contents include:

  • Trachea
  • Pig Ear
  • Goat Ear
  • Pork Snout
  • Camel Skin
  • Beef Spaghetti
  • Pizzle
  • Chicken foot
  • Duck foot
  • Cow Ear
  • Bully Leg roll
  • Moon Bone
  • Beef Snout
  • Buffalo Tail
  • Fish Flattie
  • Braided Salmon Skin
  • Hairy Rabbit Ear
  • Rabbit Roll
  • Wild Boar Skin
  • Venison Skin with fur
  • Lamb Ears
  • Anco Cow Horn Marrow
  • Fish Cubes
  • Anco Goat Horn
  • British Beef Tripe
  • Turkey Meat Strip
  • Beef Paddywhack


Not only do you get all these tasty natural treats, we have added a golden crown into 1 box!  Whoever gets the golden crown wins a £20 voucher to be used on any of our products!


Only 15 boxes available! 

The King of all boxes

Out of Stock
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