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Our dried tripe is made from 100% air dried Beef Green Tripe, which means,it is easy to digest and full of nutritious goodness!


it is packed full of natural vitamins, minerals and Amino acids which helps to make this treat highly digestible. 


Dried tripe  is extremely low fat at only 1.5% so great for dogs who need a low fat treat. 


Full of Omega 3 & 6 which helps to rduce joint inflammation, give your dogs immune system a boost and keep their skin coat healthy.


As it is full of goodness tripe can often be fed to dogs, and puppies over 12 weeks,  who may be feeling "under the weather" as it is known for its probiotic features which helps to improve gut health.


As with all natural treats, please ensure you supervise your pet and ensure fresh drinking water is always available.

British Beef Tripe

SKU: NPL0131
  • 100% Beef

  • Crude Protein 75%, Crude Fat 1.5%, Moisture 10%, Fibre 4%

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