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Our meat strips are perfect for dogs of all sizes including puppies over 8 weeks old, they can even be enjoyed by cats too! 


Made entirely from the stated protein, this treat is perfect for your pet who suffers with any allergies due to the single protein. The strips are soft and meaty and are 100% meat with no fillers and no additives; they can be easily broken into smaller bite size pieces making them perfect for training.


Can’t decide what flavour protein strip to get your dog? Or maybe you’re in search of a new favourite flavour, or maybe your dog isn’t fussy at all and you want to treat them to a taste of each!


Our meat strips are a great way to try a range of proteins to find your dogs favourite, or just have a mixture. 


Our variety strip pack will include a selection of proteins (depending on stock levels). If your pet has any allergies, please let us know in the ‘notes’ section at checkout so we know not to include anything that could cause upset to your pup. 


Flavours available:

  • Chicken

  • Duck

  • Pheasant

  • Rabbit

  • Turkey

  • Venison

  • Wild Boar


Suitable for puppies from 8 weeks old.

Please ensure pets are supervised when eating their natural treats, and a fresh supply of drinking water is always available.

Meat Strips

SKU: NPL0008
  • Chicken: 100% Chicken

    Turkey: 100% Turkey

    Duck: 100% Duck

    Venison: 100% Venison

    Wild Boar: 100% Wild Boar

    Pheasant: 100% Pheasant 

    Rabbit: 100% Rabbit

    CHICKEN 70.90% 3.30% 3.30% 2.20% 14.70%
    DEER 76.80% 9.40% 0.80% 5.10% 4.20%
    DUCK 40.80% 25.50% 1.10% 1.68% 6.70%
    RABBIT 38.90% 17.30% 2.00% 2.90% 8.30%
    TURKEY 37.00% 16.00% 0.50% 8.00% 15.00%
    WILD BOAR 59.80% 12.10% 1.68% 9.60% 7.60%
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