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These Beef Skin Plates really are extra large!


These air dried natural chews are from the cows leg, which means some even have the dew claw attached for an extra bit of chewy goodness, that is packed with natural glucosamine & chondroitin which is great for joint health. 


Due to the fur, they are also great as a 100% natural de-wormer! 


Due to the size of these, they will keep your dog busy for hours!  


Suitable for dogs of all sizes over 12 weeks old. 


Please ensure pets are supervised when eating their natural treats, and a fresh supply of drinking water is always available

Beef Skin Plate with Hair

SKU: NPL0018
Out of Stock
  • Protein: 86.10%,

    Natural oils & fats: 7.00%,

    Ash: 1.11%

  • 100% Beef

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